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LONDON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 19: The Ashley Madison website is displayed on August 19, 2015 in London, England. Hackers who stole customer information from the cheating site dumped 9.7 gigabytes of data to the dark web on Tuesday fulfilling a threat to release sensitive information including account details, log-ins and credit card details, if Avid Life Media, the owner of the website didn’t take Ashley offline permanently. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)The complexity of marriages and connections not forgetting our humanly desire to seek extramarital affairs is what informed the creation of Ashley Madison as a site for dating. It has been in existence back from 2001 to date. Not only is Ashley Madison popular but it also has a very large membership. Importantly, the platform has attracted much broader appeal to the audiences whose interest has been to discreetly engage in affairs without the knowledge of their partners. More so, has experienced increased membership over the last 15 years. These audiences are coming from various backgrounds and harboring various relational interests including singles seeking for partners, those in short or long relationship searching to get extra pleasure.

At some point during the operation of Ashley Madison, the site was hit hard by hackers who accessed its important database by infiltrating the system before using the private information retrieved to maliciously expose the users. This was back in 2015. Ashely Madison rating went low and it almost lost credibility. Since then, the incident has been shaded off and the privacy of its subscribers has been prioritized.

The Structure of Ashley Madison Membership

  • The site has both men and women as its members
  • AM is frequented by people aged between 18 years to 55

The registration process for Ashley Madison doesn’t require much. It is absolutely open to signing up, registration is quick and easy, and requires information that is essentially basic for one to get started and to start viewing of the profiles from others.

The Registration Process for Ashley Madison Platform

The site presents one of the simplest and easiest procedures for the first timers wishing to join the rest in search for the potential partners. Not only is it fast, easy and simple, but it is also enjoyable. The basic requirement during the registration process is that new entrants are required to nominate their situation by stating, for example, their gender whether female or male, specifying their relationship limits. This implies that they have to state whether they want a long or short-term relationship, whether they want erotic conversations or cyber-sex. Simply put, whatever excites them should qualify.

Contacting Others in Ashley Madison

When using, it is worth noticing that the site allows its members to contact others via the following means:

  • Exchange of gifts to enhance one’s appearance and make them outstanding before other competitors
  • Sending of emails to other members of interest
  • Free Text messaging designed to efficiently relay messages
  • Ashley Madison has additionally created chatrooms to help its users to communicate with their potential mates.

Notably, female members have been accorded the privilege of using the site for free.

On Ashley Madison, if the user wants to contact other members then it is worth stating that the process is so simple. Men can make payments and be able to exchange texts that are free and emails with their identified potential partners. The payment is one-off and the correspondences with the member who have already been identified and communicated with are free of any charges. Just to reiterate, women have free usage of the site.

Another important aspect of the platform is that attempts to initiate conversation or to alert others that you are interested in them without having credits will signal them and give them an opportunity to reply back. What this means is that you don’t have to be the mover of the process but you can start it by just indicating your interest. Their response may be an encouragement for buying tokens or credits.

Reasons for Creating a Quality Profile for Ashley Madison

  • It goes without saying that a strong profile is equivalent to an attractive woman. Notably, Ashley Madison has features that are specially meant to aid the user in the maintenance of their privacy again with the photos
  • Remember that a profile is basically a description in brief about oneself and should have information that is catchy other than leaving a lasting impression.
  • Give the best information and not just things that you think are good.
  • Another reason why a quality profile must be up on your page is that normally, profiles are compared against each other therefore one’s profile must remain above the rest in terms of meeting the expectations of the mates they are trying to win over. It is advisable that before putting up your profile, try and find out from the rest of the members of Ashley Madison their needs and all that they are into.
  • Members of Ashley Madison are free to change their profiles later to suit the emerging changes and impress the potential mates.
  • Making the pictures of the profile of higher quality is paramount because it enhances personal image, besides being visible to everyone for free.

Profile Creation for Ashley Madison

Notably, the process of creating a captivating profile is guided by where the users upon completion of basic information are taking through the process in a step by step system. The site has well-designed tools that allow its users to upload a photo for the profile with discretion. The user is able to resize the picture by cropping it, making it appear blurry or even masking the picture to hide the true identity. The basic information that is also paramount is that users are needed to briefly write about themselves and state their interest to other members and that will be just it. Once all these are done, they are up and ready to operate and initiate the dating process by accessing or viewing the profiles of others to establish the ones they want to meet or hook up with.

The secrecy with which Ashley Madison treats peoples information is imminent in the manner in which profiles are treated considering that they must be good but very brief. Basically, not a lot of information is shared in the profile but just basic ones. Unlike other dating sites that require the users to state their preferences in terms of the nature of the relationship or affairs they want to engage in, Ashley Madison does not have that option, therefore, leaving it to the utilizers to initiate talks to that effect. It is upon the user to attune the other through communication the type of relationship they will engage in.

Application Platforms for Ashley Madison

  • There is an App that is available for the users of iOS
  • The Androids platforms also have an app

Users will note that App Icon is very secret and they are intentionally and deliberately named ‘AM’ to ensure that members’ privacy is well observed.

What is more critical is the fact that Ashley Madison’s app is user-friendly and has all the features needed by the users. Search for members and reviewing of their profiles is enabled apart from being able to send messages and gifts. The option of upgrading to become a premium member is also available, even though paying for that upgrade cannot be done through any other means other than via the Apple’s app store and Google’s app store. Cancelation of membership can only be done through the same facilities and not just by leaving text indicating you are quitting.

Ashley Madison Review Testimony

According to one user whose identity will be anonymous, he narrated how he has been helped by Ashley Madison app to fulfill his sexual desires by being able to find his fantasy women.

He says, ‘Being a truck driver requires one to be on the road always and almost forget about his life. I have had a lot of conflict with my family and especially my wife for the reasons that I am hardly available. The disagreement has cascaded into a deprivation of sex and my conjugal rights. I, however, made a decision that I will not fight my wife over sex and that I will need to find an alternative relationship that can meet my desires albeit casually. When I heard about Ashley Madison dating site, I tried it and it worked out for me; I am engaging in an affair that satisfies my sexual needs and makes me feel like a man. I am having a lot of fun with no attachments – just casual sex!’

How Usable is Ashley Madison?

According to Ashley Madison Reviews done previously, a lot of positive information and feedback have been given to the platform. It is therefore worth noting that the platform is user-friendly and working so well for the members irrespective of whether they are joining for the first time or whether they are regular members.

Special Features of the Site

Ashley Madison prides in keeping discreet the pictures as its great feature. Tools are availed to the users to ensure that they take control of the picture they post as their profile by either giving abstract visibility or masking their faces in the pictures. They are also enabled to choose the destination of the photos in terms of the people they want the photos to reach. Another feature that is crucial on this site is the Priority Man & Travelling Man.

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