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At some point in your life, you will desire the need to talk to different people and maybe find someone that can fulfil your desires. If you think you meet those parameters, then Chatib is for you. It’s a good app for dating not only because it’s completely free, but because you can enjoy talking with different people all around the world via multiple chatrooms and if you want to join, there is also no registration needed. You can not only join other chatrooms but create your own and become the best of all.

Chatib is a dating app in which you have two options after joining – you can either sign up with an account or log in with no registration needed. Through the magic of Chatib, you can mingle with people all around the world, which is great because you get to meet people with different cultures and bond with them. This app is perfect if you are seeking new friends or even romantic encounters. What you have to keep in mind is that you can not use obscene language and those who are not respectful of these terms will have their account suspended with no possibility to recover it afterwards. Be aware of what you type.

Chatib’s Registration

One of the best parts about this website is that the registration process takes about 3 to 5 minutes, depending on your choice of signing-up. Meaning that you can choose to log in without registration or sign up and complete your profile. The choice is yours. Some of the details you will have to provide after signing up are a username, a password and then basic information such as your age, your country of origin and your city. After completing your profile you will be required to go through Captcha verification in order to stop robots from creating accounts.

On the other hand, if you wish to remain anonymous and browse the website freely you can always choose to sign in without an account by only using a username. After choosing your username you will be redirected towards the home page where you can find different chat rooms to join and have fun.

Unfortunately, when you are setting up your profile you can not edit it in the way that you would wish. This means that there are no questions to answer about yourself, no way to add more photos and no way to add an extended bio in which you can list all your attributes and of course things that you are looking in other people. This is especially bad for users who love to complete their profiles to the very end and fill them up with important information about themselves.

Chatib Chatting

When it comes to chatting on Chatib chatting there are tons of options such as having conversations with other people one on one and joining chat rooms with various themes. We recommend trying both because you never know who you are going to meet next. Some of the chatrooms available are General, Singles, LGBTQ, HORNYFOnly and various chat rooms meant for residents of the respective countries. When joining a Chatib chat room you will always be greeted by other users and you will be asked to say a few things about yourself so other people will get to know you. Don’t be shy and try to answer as many questions as possible because in this way you will make people be interested in you.

One of the best things about chatting on Chatib is that you can create your very own chat room which takes things to another level. You can create a chat room in which you can discuss your favourite subjects with other users that are sharing your interests. Do we have to mention that opening a chat room is 100% free? This is especially great for users that do not wish to pay any money and still have the freedom to enjoy the best features a website has to offer.

If you are opting in for the chatib sign-in method without an email way we are pleased to inform you that you can send unlimited messages to users and that you can attach photos to the messages that you sent. This is a great and neat feature that allows more personal conversations to be held. , Unfortunately, you cannot use emojis when it comes to private messages because the developers opted not to.

Chatib Users

Since the website does not have any guidelines towards what users should browser their website except the fact that they have to be over the age of 18, there are plenty of users on the website from all parts of the world. Even though there are users from around the world, most of them are from the UK and USA. While some users are looking for hook-ups and sexual experiences, most of them are looking for an educated conversation with interesting individuals. Chatib is a friendly environment meant for everyone who likes to meet new people and forming new connections that would hopefully last a long time.

Be aware that Chatib puts a big price on users respect for each other and maintaining a healthy environment for everyone to enjoy. Users who break the rules will be punished according to it. With either their account being temporarily or permanently banned. In some cases, after several misbehaviours, the website can alert the police in your area if you are also treating the security of other members.

Chatib Reviews reported that there are many fake profile and scammers on the websites. You should not be scared because Chatib admins are monitoring every chat and investigating users reports. Nevertheless, you should be cautious when it comes to sharing personal information, such as your real name, address or phone number, to protect your privacy.

Chatib Design

Everybody knows how important the design is when it comes to any website, not just dating ones. This is why we are pleased to say that Chatib has a plain and simple interface that is at the same time chic. There are no elements that would confuse users and everything is easy to read and intuitive.

Unfortunately, with great design comes great responsibility, meaning that even though the website is simple, it may still take ages to load or sometimes it would not even load at all. Another issue that is bothering a lot of users is the fact that when users click a message it will shortly disappear after. This can be frustrating when you are trying to hold a proper conversation, but every message received keeps being deleted.

The downsides of Chatib

This cannot be a proper review without, of course, talking about the things that Chatib is laking in where it should meet major improvements. Without further ado, here are some of the most common issues we have encountered with most of our users.

Empty chat rooms

For a website that is based mostly on chatting in rooms, we are not so pleased to announce that most chat rooms in Chatib tent to have a maximum of 25 people which is embarrassing and ironic at the same time. Moreover, even when there are people in chatrooms they still tend to be boring because no one would start a conversation. This can be easily fixed by making users have to make an introduction before entering a chatroom and by kicking inactive users out after a couple of minutes.

Lack of features

Having interesting features is a make or break when it comes to dating websites. They can bring tons of users or they can make them leave. Unlike other dating websites that are based on chatting, you will be surprised to know that Chatib does not have any special features that will make it any different than the most basic chatting websites. We would love to have an option where we could make our profile more interesting by adding widgets or an option to use emojis.

Unresponsive pages

As we previously mentioned, Chatib is not the best website when it comes to responsiveness and that is probably due to the hosting service used by the company. We would be more than happy if they would change it or try to optimize the website better.

A mobile app

The main problem with the Chatib app is the fact that it does not exist. This would have been ok if we haven’t been told from the website that there are currently apps available on iOS and Android. We have searched both app stores and we have found nothing. We hope that this is just a temporary issue and that we will see apps working for both Android and Ios that will have a better functionality than the browser counter-part.


In conclusion, meeting new people should not be a hard thing to do. And thanks to dating websites such as Chatib, there are plenty of reasons to be happy.

The worst part about Chatib is the fact that there are few users online at any time and that chat rooms tend to have mostly 15-25 people online. This is quite sad because people will respond after a long time and that is not the experience we are looking for. Another thing that makes Chatib not so great is the fact that it lacks special features which will be a great addition and it will surely bring more users.

Even though we complained about the website lacking features, we must admire the fact that it is 100% free to use and that it serves users the best way it can. Another great fact about the website is that it allows users to register from all around the world. Whether they are from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia or America, they all have their match on this online chatting site. We hope that this Chatib review has served you well and that you will see the advantages and disadvantages of joining, even though we strongly suggest to give it a chance based on the fact that is free from all points of view. We also hope that Chatib will try to resolve its problems one by one and after that it will surely have more a bigger userbase.

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