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When it comes to dating sites there are few that we can say manage to really live up to what they promise. Chatiw is one of those websites that manage to keep their promises and sometimes even give more to its users rather than less. What Chatiw does is to simplify the process of meeting someone by cutting the registration process and taking both users to the next step which is chatting. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or friends, there is plenty of fish in the sea for you. The great part about it is that you can not only chat with users from your area but with users all around the globe. In addition to this, there are many more benefits when using Chatiw and we are here to discuss them.

The website puts a great emphasis on anonymity and the power of talking to strangers from all across to globe to discover new cultures or to possibly find a love interest. Being open to everyone, you will encounter lots of people from different backgrounds and you will love to talk to them for days. This is the magic of online chatting without registering up or providing full information about yourself. It makes people enjoy the art of talking, without bothering about formal information and being ashamed of their looks or being afraid of materialistic people.

Chatiw’s Registration

Probably the biggest selling point of Chatiw is the fact that there is basically no registration needed, meaning that you will only have to provide basic information such as a nickname, age, sex and country. You still have the option to input your location so you can find users that are closer to you.

If you are one of the people that want to know more about the people behind the keyboard, then you can purchase a premium membership which will require users to create a profile. This is especially great if you want the Chatiw experience to a whole new level. Being a premium member also grants you special features such as having your name highlighted and customer support and many more.

Being an anonymous chat-service, you should always be aware of the fact that you will never know with who you are talking to for real. This is why we highly advise to not disclose any important information that can be used against you such as your real name, address or credit card information.

Chatiw’s Profiles

As we mentioned before, there are no really profiles when it comes to Chatiw unless you purchase the premium membership. This is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time because the open gates made a lot of scammers, decoys and fake profiles come like birds.

We strongly recommend you to never disclose important information about yourself or people that are close to you. Things such as your full name, address, location and credit card information should never be shared with other users under any circumstances. When it comes to blocking people that are bothering you we are sorry to say that this is not permanent and it is only for the next 48 hours.

Chatiw’s Members and Interactions
You may be surprised by the number of people that are browsing Chatiw every day. While there are users from all around the world, the majority of them are coming from the USA and UK. Since everybody can join Chatiw, you can encounter people from Africa or even Asia and Australia.

Moreover, people on Chatiw have various interests when it comes to other people. Some users prefer hookups and one night stands while the majority prefers serious relationships and deep and spiritual conversations with educated people. The choice is yours when it comes to the people you will meet.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sending and receiving messages you can only send a small number of messages every day. To overstep this limit you have to purchase the premium membership. In addition, free users cannot send phone numbers or links but they can receive unlimited messages from other users.

A great part about the website is that its owners claim that all chats are monitored. Meaning that, if someone is making life threating comments or they are being too intrusive or they have been reported by another user they will be banned for at least 48 hours. This is exceptionally great because there tend to be a lot of fake profiles and scammers on Chatiw but they are easily traced and banned so you will not have to worry about that.

Chatiw Design

Everybody knows how to recognise the bad design from good design and this is why we are pleased to announce that the direction in which the Chatiw design is going is a great one. While the website may seem simple at first, we have to understand that this is what we want from this type of websites. Having a simple interface with intuitive menus is a great thing for when it comes to dating websites based on chatting. There are no texts that are hard to read or bugs that are breaking the whole experience. You may encounter some bugs in the interface but we are sure that the competent IT team is working on a fix for them as soon as possible.

While the design may not look elegant or modern, it brings simplicity to the table which is more appreciated than a modern design that is done badly. We appreciate the boldness and the sincerity of Chatiw’s design and we hope that more websites would take notice.

Chatiw App

We are pleased to say that in almost all situations the mobile app is ahead of its desktop counterpart. It is especially great for those who like to send many pictures of themselves to other users since not all computers come equipped with a camera. The app works great and is very reliable but the only downside is the fact that it is only available for Android. Chatiw App also very easy to use and navigate and even the most inexperienced users will get their way through the app. It kept all the features from the desktop version and you can be assured that you can still have quality chats with other members exactly like you would have them on desktop. It is also very lightweight, meaning that it will not ocupy a lot of space on your smartphone, so you can be assured of that. It also comes with a cool icon which will look cool among your other apps.

Special Features

Special features are what make or break a dating site and when it comes to the special features of Chatiw there are plenty to talk about. Some of them are unique and some of them are not, but what matters is that they are there and that they offer users more ways to have fun and find their potential soulmate or hookup. The important part is that the fact that the website actually has special features because most sites of this kind tend to not have a single one.


The blog section is a cool way to learn more about meeting new people and the fundamentals of the relationship. The blog has helped thousands of users understand themselves and others in a more spiritual way than before. Posts are made here constantly and are curated by some of the best dating experts. You can find anything from tips to how to engage more easier in conversation to how to take things more serious. This is especially great for people who love to read and who like receiving tips when it comes to dating and much more. This is not a feature you see on many websites but once you see it on one, you wish more would adopt this.

Safety Tips

These are a great addition especially to a website where verification is not needed and anyone can make an account. What they do is to inform people about the risk they are exposing themselves when browsing the website and to the potential scammers and fake profiles that exist. Tips such as do not divulge your personal information or credit card information and more advanced ones like how to use different tools to protect your identity while browsing online. Even though most websites put a big price on privacy, when it comes to Chatiw this is the only time where we see that the dating website is concerned about this. But this is understandable due to its nature and its main attraction: being completely anonymous.

Chat History

This is another neat feature and what it does is to store the conversations that you previously had with other users while you were online. Be careful because it only records the chats you had from the current session, not the one you had a day or an hour ago. This is a great feature that allows you to keep track of your conversations and friends. Chat History can be found at the top of the main page, next to your inbox.

Other Links

Last but not least, this features allows users to click on links that appear randomly in their chat conversations that will take them to chat rooms or live shows depending on the link. This is a neat feature for those who are adventurous and seek multiple partners or a hot live show. These links may appear in any chat and you can choose to ignore them. Unfortunately, there are no options to disable the links, only if you are using an adblocker because they tend to be treated as ads more than link recommendations, which is what they truly are, in fact.


Chatiw is a great website that lets users from all around the world have adult conversations in an anonymous environment. Whether you wanna kill time or you are looking for a romantic interest, Chatiw suits everyone’s needs. And the great part is that if you wish to get out of the anonymity you can always purchase the affordable premium membership and start creating a profile. Remember that Chatiw is supposedly a safe place but it is for your own sake to never give out personal information such as your real name, your address or your credit card number. There are many articles on the website that show you how to protect yourself better and how to maintain your anonymity at any given time. What is good is the fact that all chats are being monitored and you have the option to block users if they are making threats to your life or if they are being intrusive.

Meeting new people should not be hard and this is why we love the idea of anonymity that Chatiw provides. This anonymity is great for people that are wishing for more discreet conversations or are looking to pass time by talking to strangers and possibly exchanging cultures or even erotic conversations depending on what they are seeking. While people on the website are not all seeking a particular thing, most of them are looking for sexual encounters and pleasure. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on what you are seeking but we assure you that this is not true for everyone on the website and that there are still people who are searching for a pen-pal or something non-sexual like a friend.

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