MocoSpace Review

Founded in 2005, Mocospace is a social community available on mobile and desktop or laptop as well. Its main function is to allow people to chat, meet and have fun through the special functions and games. It has evolved from a traditional dating site and app to more of a hybrid social media platform and dating site. Due to continuous innovations and improvements, Mocospace enjoys more than 1000 million members across the globe with company headquarters in Boston and Herzliya.

MocoSpace Overview

  • 62,000,000 members from the United States of America

  • Over 800,000 active members every week

  • 44% female members, 56% male

  • 1 million hours are spent on this site each day

  • 22% Caucasian, 38% Hispanic and 35% African-American users

  • Age Average of 18 to 24 years old

Mocospace Login and Signup

Before we can speak of a Mocospace login action, you first need to create an account. Since the people behind Mocospace know users don’t like to spend endless minutes completing personal information, the registration form can be complete in under a minute. Also, if you want to do things even faster, you can use Google or Facebook to login and some of the data will be automatically transferred to your Mocospace profie. If you do want to go with the traditional login process, you will need to choose an username, a password and to complete gender, email and birthday to get started. Before the process is complete, you will also need to upload a profile picture and compared to other similar websites, Mocospace won’t ask you to verify the photo you upload. Late on, we’ll go through the process of building your dating profile.

Mocospace Chat

No matter if you do it through the Mocospace app or in browser, you will be able to use the Mocospace chat to engage other members or simply join an existing chat room with people of the same preferences or interests. While chat rooms are limited when it comes to number of members, there’s nothing stopping you to connect with as many users as you wish, discuss and make new friends. If you decide you need some privacy you have the option to go invisible, however, that will require you pay $1 to do so. Another important piece of information you should keep in mind is that you will not be able to hit the chat rooms before you verify your account.

After you verify your account the door is unlocked for unlimited chatting and fun with the help of selected Mocospace games. You can choose to play these games alone or share the gaming experience with one of your friends. And what other better way to break the ice and get to know someone than with a nice session of chess, pool or scrabble? There are hundreds of games to choose from, on various themes and categories so you will get the most of your time spent on Mocospace chat. And, of course, after all the games in the virtual world have been played, you are free to start setting up the ground for real-life games with your friends that you met online through this platform.

Popular Games in Mocospace


A very entertaining game where you can sell and buy friends. It is connected with your friends list and allows you to make simulated transactions with their profiles. Just like with any other market, the idea is to buy low and sell high and when your profile is bought by somebody, your value goes up. All the transactions are done in Friendshop cash, a demo currency that is only available for the game and it doesn’t require real cash.

Street Wars

Join other Mocospace users in a gang setting where you will gain power and money by entering 1 vs 1 fights with your opponents or by completing missions. Your income, health and stamina are improved by the points you collect and you will be able to recruit other players as you advance.

Building Your Online Profile

Building your profile is not hard work as you won’t be asked for extremely detailed information. With Mocospace, it’s really a matter of how much you are willing to share when it comes to creating your online persona. You can choose to make your profile public or keep it private and before you can view another private profile or send an instant message, your friend request needs to be accepted by the other person first. Mocospace is guided by a very transparent approach and it displays all the info regarding users’ activity, including photos they like and other actions like this so you have a clear idea of what type of person you are chatting with. Feel free to choose a profile picture and a header and have fun with the ability of selecting GIFs for these sections and build your profile so that you have the best chances to meet new people and form long-lasting connections with them.

The fact that Mocospace profiles do not require a lot of personal information is at the same time positive and negative. On one hand, people that are not that willing to share personal stuff on the internet will feel it is a good idea since it allows them to keep their privacy while being able to chat with several people. On the other, you have the chance of now knowing who is it that you’re actually talking with. However, even with the most detailed such platforms, there’s always an element of the unknown and that’s what the dating game is all about after all.

Also, you have the option of checking out who viewed your profile through the ‘Who Viewed Me’ function offered by Mocospace. You should know that this comes in the Premium version of the service so you will need to get the Mocospace VIP subscription in order to get that as well. Besides getting access to the Who Viewed Me function, you also get a VP label on the profile photo, you get access to stealth mode and you remove all the ads from the app. The VIP profile also guarantees priority support assistance if you ever need the help of the professional support department. Mobile App

The first time you visit you have the option of continuing in browser to create an account and set up a profile, or download the mobile app for the platform. For increased mobility and being able to keep in touch with your friends on Mocospace more easily, downloading the mobile app is a great idea. You can get it directly from the website for Android and iOS smartphones. If you’re using a Windows phone or a Blackberry, there are no reasons to be worried about as you will still be able to use the mobile website of Mocospace to connect and interact with all your friends and possible future lovers.

If you want your profile to be ranked first in the Meet People section, there is the option to go Premium and this will include profile boosting to appear in as many searches as possible. This will not only increase your exposure and the chance to get a match more rapidly, but it will also increase your number of friends on the platform and this helps the overall search algorithm.

As far as the actual apps are concerned, the design and usability are very good and it is clear right from the start that the developers have put a lot of thought and hours into creating them. No matter if you’re using it on Android or iOS, the first page you see when you open the Mocospace app is the ‘Meet People’ feature. Here, you can set all kinds of filters and the app will automatically find people matching your search so that you can connect with them in just a few taps. It is extremely easy to use the app and you will be able to run it even on older phones since it doesn’t have high requirements. The one thing we noticed about it is the speed with which some features are loading and if you’re used to the seamless transition from other social media apps like Facebook or Instagram, it may be a bit stressful.

Another thing that should be considered when using the Mocospace app is the pop-up ads that will be displayed every few minutes or so. Even though you’re going to get ads, these are displayed in a very discrete manner so that you can continue browsing and chatting without being interrupted. Also, you have the option of shutting down the ads altogether by getting the premium version of the app. Keep in mind that you will only be able to opt in for the premium version if you are using an Android device, the function is yet to be implemented on iOS.


Mocospace is the perfect example of how a platform can adapt to new conditions and thrive. While it has its roots back in the day with Facebook and Mysapce, when Facebook boomed and its popularity skyrocketed, Mocospace decided to do tings differently. With Myspace out of the picture, becoming a forgotten relic and not being able to compete with Facebook, Mocospace decided to reinvent itself and evolve into something different. Perfectly combining a social media network with a dating site, what you get with Mocospace can be deemed as unique in the online environment. You have the dating segment, you can chat and interact with people, view their updates and play a lot of exciting games.

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