Plenty of Fish (POF) Review

The search for a potential partner has been in existence for years and people have used dating platforms to get to fulfill their love desires. POF being a service provider is regarded as one that has served its consumers for over fifteen and has in effect gained massive popularity. Today, this site is regarded as one of the largest considering that its users are nearing a hundred million globally with ten million subscribers engaging in conversations almost every day. Actively, it is estimated that close to 4 million people are logging into the site every day and the success rate for those seeking their partners has risen to 1 million annually.

Among the factors that make this site popular is the fact that Plenty of Fish POF not only deals with dating alone but it also incorporates services such as matchmaking. Users are able to browse through freely and establish other subscribers bearing similar matches they are seeking for. More so, the site allows the users to take advantage of the Plenty of Fish’s capability to match make. For starters, it is important to note that the site is also helpful in the sense that it ranks the past users one has interacted with thus helping the user pick the most compatible based on their good match.

Notably, has gained popularity because of its dynamism which essentially means that it has a combination of all the features existing in other dating sites as well as other dating applications designed. The users are able to do a search by navigating the location, they are also able to check the posted profiles and photographs and thereafter mark with a tick indicating their interest to match. Additionally, users of POF are enabled to receive on a daily basis their potential matches.

In as much as the site has received praise for its efficiency, it is equally important to consider that it has both pros and cons.

Merits and Demerits of Plenty of Fish

The Advantages

  • The site has gained a positive reputation over time and it is today regarded as one of the best POF frequented by a high number of registered users. Additionally, the ultimate prizes driving the traffic in terms of its accessibility are the variety of women whose presence in the site is huge. These beautiful women respond positively to either those seeking casual relationships or even serious ones. Amazingly, one of the world’s renowned reality TV personalities in the name of Patti got her soulmate via the POF.
  • Given that Plenty of Fish has a large pool of users and more specifically registered members, folks in the rural area are able to choose from this large pool their preferences thus making this site ideal.
  • The fact that is considerate enough not to demand of the users to upgrade their membership whenever they want to either write or get messages makes it a great site and convenient for everyone.
  • Each time one tries to establish those who might have checked on their profile, they don’t have to upgrade or enhance their page. This essentially means that the users have been accorded the ability to send icebreakers to those who may have accessed their profiles conveniently.
  • Another great advantage that Plenty of Fish offers is that the subscribers are presented with the opportunity to get their matches based on the specification or criteria they prefer. For example, the feature ‘advanced search’ makes it able for the users to filter their compatible matches based on their profession, their education level, and their income.

The Disadvantages of POF

  • All the Internet-based services have at some point experienced some technicalities including spammers and so is the This implies that users must engage in carrying out curating. This will help in avoiding profiles that are fake and prostitutes taking advantage.
  • It has very tough competition for the beautiful women given that it is visited by millions of users and subscribers. Before opting for the site, it is imperative to brace oneself for the stiff completion by putting up good profiles and photos that project them higher than the rest.
  • Another con that is associated with the site is that it has been tagged as a ‘Plenty of Fatties’. Plenty of Fish has been dogged by this complaint. To a greater degree, one is likely to bump into the most beautiful woman they wish for but it does not happen easily given that one must choose among millions of women they don’t prefer at all.
  • There is also a requirement to upgrade so that one can be able to see the extended profiles, discard all the advertisements and get to establish whether their messages were read by the beauties or they were not read.

Finding a Date

Distance and location do not matter anymore for the users of even if they are in places where singles are few, they are not required to pay for the services and this aspect of affordability makes POF absolutely the best option to explore.

Creation of Plenty of Fish profile in addition to applying all its features such as the messaging and filtering comes at no cost. Many people have always opted for this site because of that reason especially when they consider the fact that they don’t necessarily have to upgrade or make payments to that effect yet still, Plenty of Fish will still remain useable.

The site takes into account the fact that most of the young people are seriously seeking after the potential dates but they are limited by finances due to lack of employment and so on; for that reason, the site is full of young women who can be accessed at no cost via the website. Ideally, people in the age bracket of 18 to 25 are best encouraged to utilize the site.

Investing in a lot of time is the key to getting one’s matches on the site. For those who are serious about finding their potential mates via POF, they should know that it will cost them lots of time to search through the profiles and establish the ideal mate.

One question that has been asked frequently is whether there is a justification for becoming a member who has been upgraded based on the usage of the extra features. Well, when one upgrades, the following are the premium features they will get therefore justifying the decision to scale up:

  • Once the user has upgraded, he or she will be able to view if their messages were either deleted or read.
  • The upgrade also offers the users with an opportunity to get informed in the results of their search. Irrespective of what the user is doing online, they will still be able to get a notification that will catch their eye and make then know that indeed a search has been done.
  • There is a prioritized section that will appear for the upgraded profile called Meet Me! Which can be answered by either saying yes or no or maybe. This section has photos of the users and the members who have upgraded are able to see the positive response attributed to their photos by the other viewer. The importance of this feature is that one can send an icebreaker on the basis of the response he gets from the viewer.
  • Additionally, the site is paramount when it comes to establishing the exact time when the profile was viewed.
  • An upgrade also gives the user an opportunity to tailor-make their user-name or change it to suit their desires. Considering that usernames could play a vital role in attracting the woman of one’s dream, it is imperative that make adjustments whenever they realize a mistake and that is the purpose of upgrading in Plenty of Fish.
  • More so, upgrading the POF membership presents the users with an opportunity to find women who are interesting because it enhances the site to even become more users friendly.

The Basic and Advanced Levels of

The basic features that will be part of POF whether the membership is upgraded or not upgraded include:

  • Plenty of Fish will allow the subscribers or its users to do a search for their potential matches by body type. This implies that for the users who prefer overweight or skinny women, they will be able to get them via this site. Furthermore, presents the users with an opportunity to look for those they would wish to relate with based on their ethnic background, their level of education, their location and their age.
  • It prohibits all manner of child exploitation or abuse by not allowing its users to send messages to children. Also, it does no register children. POF seriously adhere to a policy that blocks child predators and it is only for the consenting adults
  • The users are allowed to navigate through a filter for several options using the simple pull-down menus, for example, women whose selection was based on the body type of the men
  • Members of are also allowed to select the results based on recent activity. This is in consideration of the fact that exploring the new users enhances one’s chance of getting a mate. To get the best, members are therefore encouraged to send messages to women who have been actively participating in the last 24 Hours.

Features of the POF’s Advanced Search

Importantly, the advanced search engine feature of POF grants one chance to sieve their matches according to various criteria ranging from ownership of a property to the languages they speak.


In summary, Plenty of Fish has special features namely: Ultra match showing the members the ultimate matches, top prospects, which ranks the people the user has had contacts with based on probable compatibility, the nearby feature which focuses on the proximity, and meet me which allows the user to consent or decline a meeting.

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