Best Free Dating Sites

If one would imagine for a moment the challenges of getting a compatible woman or man then obviously a system that would help them save time and spare them of the agony would be the ideal choice. A long time ago, before internet access was widespread, people used to send letters or make expensive calls in a bid to get their partners but that has since been bridged greatly thanks to dating websites that have sprung up in hundreds. It is no longer a case of distance or not knowing women and men around you but it is now a case of how interested are you. Furthermore, dating has become fun and the type of relationship that one wishes to indulge in whether casual or serious ones that can lead to marriages are in the palm of one’s hand.

We will review our top 15 picks for the best free dating sites. Feel free to sample all that fancy you!


Talk about reputation and success rate in the field of online dating services and one site that will for sure crop up in many people’s minds is This matchmaking platform is credited with hooking up people together besides making it possible for people to overcome the distance by bringing the feeling of having ones potential partner closer as they exchange messages. What’s more important is the fact that matches cut across all interests; for example, one does not have to look for a partner to marry but you can also look for one to have a casual relationship with.

Descriptively, is ideal for relationships ranging from serious ones to very casual ones. People are also enabled to create a post-match relationship if they find that the other person they got involved with suited them in every sense. Essentially, this can lead to more permanent engagement. It is also worth mentioning that match as a dating site is constantly updating and upgrading its features to ensure that people get the best experience at no cost. This has been mediated by the site’s offer for search options that are detailed for helping or rather improving the search process for the users.

Match users sign up for free and there is no limitation in terms of how long one should stay as a member. Other than membership, this dating website is very flexible as it allows the users to upload as many pictures as they want, to check out on their preferred partners, for example, browsing for singles alone, to communicate via messaging and sending of winks that are virtual and to manage one’s profile. The types of relationships that Match offers include:

  • Friendships
  • Casual dating
  • And, long-lasting relationships that can end up to marriages

The system works in a way that allows users to:

  • Browse through the dating website by age
  • To check on their potential mates via address or zip
  • To get their preferred mates via their appearances, and so on

In summary, the platform has, according to the experts, been accorded the tag of success as one of the top dating sites that have facilitated a lot of hookups with its user base rising significantly 38 million people whereby 50 percent of this figure visit it daily.

2. EliteSingles

The United States of America has been taken by storm by this site. Today, EliteSingles has been credited as one of the best dating sites offering great services to its users. Statistically, over 64000 users who are single join the platform weekly to seek serious relationships in addition to the site boasting of creating over 2000 couples every month in several countries.

Interestingly, for those whose interest is centered on education, EliteSingles have members whose academic credentials are the university degree. This again implies that over percent of its users are university graduates. Basically, the site matches up people based on the features they prefer. The features range from personality to education. The principal idea behind the site is to bring together only those seeking very serious relationships and not jokers.

The structure of EliteSingles’ membership consists of women and men who are single and seeking very serious relationships. These members are provided with suggestions on the probable matches based on their profiles and their personalities. The downside of the site is that it gives no information on the age of the users. It is only recorded that over 89 percent of the members are below 31 years old.

Signing Up for EliteSingles

  • Before one signs up, his or her details must be provided. This process involves a survey carried on the users’ personality to enable the system to place him or her upon completion of the sign up in the right pool.
  • After the sign up is done, the user gets a report for free of his or her personality.
  • The process of signing up does not take long given that it takes at most twenty minutes.

However, when compared to other online dating apps, the sign-up process for EliteSingles is longer and time consuming because of the fact that detailed information about the user is required in this site. In order to suit other matches or to be pooled with likeminded people, the site requires that personality information is spot on and entails only the truth. More importantly, various personality traits are analyzed by the psychologist to ensure that they get it right. There are a set of questions designed by the psychologists to determine one’s preference and matches. The questions range from age, likes and dislikes and description of oneself.

How to Make Contact

  • Comments on other profiles or photos
  • Liking the photos
  • Sending questions and feedback on their comments
  • Emailing them

There is a Dating App Available

Services that are available via the dating app for this site include:

  • An app for enabling the platform to function optimally
  • Allowing the members to easily review the potential matches plus being able to exchange information with them via messaging.
  • The operational app is found on Apple iOS

3. Zoosk

This is another online dating site has been in existence since the year 2007. Since its inception, the site is having close to 40 million users who again are singles seeking their dates across the globe. On average, it is estimated that close to 4 million users are exchanging messages every day in Zoosk.

Just like other best dating sites, this platform is offering functionalities of matching people up according to their preferences. It, however, does not dwell on personality survey wholesomely but instead uses the frequency of the user in terms of applying the site in recommending fitting matches to its subscribers.

The Structure of Membership in Zoosk

Just like other free dating sites, Zoosk has both male and female members who are estimated to stand at 2 million in the USA alone. In terms of age, the site is frequented by members whose age range is 18 to 40.

Signing Up

  • Unlike online dating game registering for Zoosk is easy and quickly
  • Users can sign up via their Google account and Facebook accounts
  • The requirements are very basic in the sense that no detailed information is needed for the process.
  • It is not mandatory for the users to pay for them to be able to view other profiles. They are able to do so at no fee.
  • Other than the platforms mentioned earlier, sign up can be done through emails as well.
  • In terms of other forms of descriptions, the users can fill in their ethnic background, their body type, whether they are smoking or not and whether they have children or not.
  • The process is not complete without uploading a profile picture to the site.
  • The time that it takes to finish filling out the requirements is just two minutes.
  • The sign up to Zoosk offers the users with an opportunity to explore the option of including their interests on their profiles for example, what kind of music genre they prefer, their preferred actors and actresses or even movies and so on.
  • Users are able to view digital gifts received
  • Users see the verified phone contacts and online accounts

Uploading Pictures on the dating website

  • Six photos allowed
  • Short videos viewed by the moderators can be uploaded

Making Contacts on Zoosk

  • As compared to other best free online dating sites, users will realize that chatting or making contacts only exists between the members who have paid.
  • One major functionality that has been allowed is visibility of the profile photos
  • There is a mass messaging platform for the users to as many people as possible.
  • More so, Zoosk as one of the dating sites allows its users to send gifts of digital nature to others.

Safety and Privacy on Zoosk Online Dating

High standards of verification are considered in Zoosk whereby the profiles are subjected to the moderators through Facebook and Google accounts and the phone contacts to ensure that credibility and genuineness remain the driving force behind the site. Being one of the best dating sites, it recommends to its users to report cases of profiles that are fake and are meant to fraudulent hoodwink the users.

Apps on Zoosk

  • The applications on the site have been designed to allow for quick and easy navigation for the users
  • They are also found in both android and apple users.
  • They are consistent with the versions on the dating website
  • However, it is important to note that the users cannot access insights on dating on the dating app but only on the dating website.

According to reviews done so far, Zoosk as one of the top dating sites is usable and convenient given that it users on their initial visit are able to be guided through by being given the basic tips. The design of this dating site is also considered as very simple and fun to use.

How much is Zoosk?

Members of this dating site are encouraged to make a monthly payment which is directly received by Zoosk. The monthly payment should be noted is a one-off and members are not required to pay again. The site uses coins designed by Zoosk to unlock what they term as Carousel matches. The same Zoosk coins can be used in boosting users’ profiles, and for delivering messages. For those who would wish to unlock the feature that is reserved for the members who have paid, it is important to note that whether they are free or paid subscribers, they can buy the coins to do so.

Features that Define Zoosk

Among the special features found in Zoosk as a dating site include:

  • A designed feature is known as Carousel allowing the users to express their interest and thereafter establish the connection
  • A feature is known as Dating Insights which is responsible for collecting information on behalf of the user to establish who likes them, who they like and the dating styles employed by the parties.
  • Another feature is known as connections which are contact adding design meant to inspire a conversation between the parties communicating
  • The other feature is known as the Mega Flirt which allows the users to send flirts to as many contacts as they wish without any restriction
  • Boost is the last feature that is meant to amplify one’s profile just as the name boost suggest. It makes the profile more noticeable and visible to other potential partners.

4. eHarmony

If you are looking for free dating sites that facilitate serious relationships then the recommended online dating site is eHarmony. In the United States of America alone, it is estimated that close to 5% of marriages have happened because of eHarmony. The site basically employs the concept of compatibility test based on the user’s emotional makeups, their character and personality, their family values and their skills. Members fill out their information without incurring any cost.

Currently, this online dating site boasts of close to 4.2 million users composing of both female and males who visit it monthly. The site oversees dating that are casual in nature and those that are serious and deep.

5. ChristianMingle

For those who are deeply practicing Christian faith, ChristianMingle is one of the best online dating sites to visit. It is dedicated to those who want partners who equally believe in their faith and are essentially Christians. The platform provides them with an opportunity to mingle and to get learn about the other the end result of which is to get married.

Compared to online dating games or other top dating sites, the platform is least cluttered. What this means is that traffic is less; therefore, it is easy to navigate and use. It is also fast and convenient for those whose preference the site defines.

The site has also factored in the fact that most people don’t like their credit information exposed and for that reason registering and searching for certain kind of information do not require the card’s use.

Dating Types

As one of the top dating sites, it works for relationships that are serious and for Christian dates.

System for Matching up Potential Partners

  • Educational level
  • Gender/sex
  • Age

6. OurTime

Absolutely, not even a single cent is required as a payment for the use of OurTime services. Today, this sites stands out as one of the best free online dating sites that cater to the older or mature adults who have attained the age of fifty and above. The fact that it deals with the demographic makes it convenient for most users and fast in terms of navigation.

Online Dating Services by Our Time

The site deals with enabling dates and long lasting Relationships and the search is designed in a way that people can do so via contacts and profiles. Importantly, Our Time offers simple and experience that according to the reviews are sophisticated and fulfilling.

7. BlackPeopleMeet

Being a platform for the black community and the biracial people, BlackPeopleMeet is one of the largest dating sites in the world with is membership estimated to be close to 2 million. The services that this site offers include flirting, viewing of profiles and match ups. Some statistics have shown that 5 million people visit the site monthly.

The relationship matchups are based on age, zip and location. Additionally, the site system is designed for the two genders that are female and males.


This is also a good dating site for those who have reached the age of 50 and above. It is free of any charges and members are able to register without making payments. They can also create profiles and check on others. There is however a limitation in terms of messaging.

On SilverSingles;

  • Relationships that are purely based on friendship
  • Dates that are casual
  • Relationships that are serious

Importantly, the dating site has 24-hour customer service.

9. AdultFriendFinder

This is one of the best top dating sites that transcend just finding love. It appreciates the fact that some people are out for casual relationships and for that reason the site offers just that. It has been in existence for over 20 years. It connection services include a single night stands and it is free.

10. Plenty Of Fish

The site operates in regions such as USA, UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Canada and many more. POF, as it is also known, has over a hundred Million visitors with eleven million registered members making it the world’s largest dating site.

It has service applications on Android OS and iOS.

11. Hinge

Talk about metamorphosis and the ideal example is Hinge. As one of the online dating games, this site has since rebranded into an app for a relationship as an alternative Tinder which requires a lot of swiping. Here, people do not have to look through several pictures to make a decision on which ones to pass or affirm with yes.

The basic principle behind Hinge is that it serves to encourage the users to look deeply into the profiles without swiping. They are able to like certain photos and anecdotes after which they can make a decision on who to engage.


It is catering for individuals seeking casual relationships and may not be the best for serious relationships. It shies away from addressing the compatibility issue but instead capitalizes on impression as the basis for dates. Mostly, the site is visited by men who are looking for attractive women to have casual relationships with. The profile posted in this case makes a statement of the man to a woman. It employs a dating app known as pure for the purposes of observing privacy. Basically, profiles are deleted after a short time to hide the identity of the users.

13. Amor en Linea

Finally, one of the dating websites that offer its services in more than language is here. The site is estimated to be hosting 9 million members who are singles and ready to mingle. It uses English and Spanish and it is completely free. AmorEnLinea remains to be steadfast in offering dating experiences that are streamlined with efficiency and ease. It operates in the United States of America and its services cover arranging dates for both women and men.

14. Book Of Matches

This is another online dating site that is free and a user does not need money to register. It has all the good features as a package to help those seeking their mates to find them. Such features include live chats, list of favorite friends and personality tests.

15. Christian Dating For Free

Just like Christian Mingle, Christian dating for Free caters for the Christian fraternity and it is considered one of the biggest best online dating sites dating for single people. Absolutely the site is free and does not cost any penny to register. If one wants not to be bothered by ads, then they can make payments. The online dating site is also known as CDFF and offers features such as winks, messages that are private, matches and a list of favorites.


Now, go on and get yourself a date! Be it a serious relationship or a casual fling that you’re looking for, we’ve got you sorted!